NEC LP Projector Solves a Colour Challenge

Vivid colours and a wide gamut of them is one of the challenges

Dick Whittington Design & Build

The traditional organization of work, where the architect, consultant and contractor work separately

Evertyhing you might want to know about arc metalization

Arc metallization has become one of the most advanced methods of metal and

Why Poland has so many great and experienced programmers

Outsourcing developers and programmers from India or China no longer seems like the

ISO audit – 5 important steps in every organization

Most companies decide to get ISO certified without positive thoughts about the process. Yes, it is long and hard and makes you question everything, especially when your Internal Audit doesn’t


Whether you are looking for the best quality TV or want to improve your safety with wireless alarms and CCTVs, we’ve got everything you need.

Medical recruitment – terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of recruitment must be always listed and presented to the applicant before they sign an agreement with the agency. Here are some of the most common ones

Modern living room lighting

Modern houses are such a hype right now. Classic, stylish, simplistic, functional – you can’t go wrong with grey and white combo with some glass, wood, brick and metal elements.


Every true entrepreneurship is seeking for constant improvement. If your business is based on IT technologies, you should definitely start cooperating with us…

Sublime Lightning

Are you planning a redecoration of your home? Or perhaps you are searching for daily savings of energy? Try innovative LED technology lightning from Sublime Lightning and find out for yourself