What are sample books and when can they be useful? 

Sample book is a tool used to gather and display samples of products. It enables the showcasing of line options for a particular product in a situation in which a variety of colors, textures, patterns, and finishes is available. Sample book is invaluable when it comes to picking up such equipment as wallpapers, flooring, carpeting, upholstery fabric and trims, as well as wall tiles, window treatments, and even doors. It allows the client to make a well-informed purchasing decision. 

The role of a sample book

Sample books are useful both for the manufacturers and their customers. 

The importance of a sample book for the manufacturer 

A sample book helps demonstrate the merchandise in the most favorable way. It is an effective tool used to attract the customers’ attention. The introduction of a sample book may lead to the boost of sales, which makes it a profitable investment. 

The importance of a sample book for the customer 

A sample book enables close examination and in-person review of a product. The customer is able to touch and feel the merchandise, judge its quality, and understand the difference between different available options. With the use of a sample book it is also possible to visualize all patterns, colors, and textures of a given product and see their true representation in different light – something that is not feasible with digital catalogs. It facilitates the selection of specific projects and speeds up the material matching procedure. 

Which industries use sample books? 

A palette of colors

Sample books are used in various industries, most notably in interior design. They are especially common among companies which specialize in the manufacturing of: 

  • paint, 
  • wallpapers, 
  • floors, 
  • carpets, 
  • curtains. 

Sample books are also frequently used by door, window, and furniture developers. 

Where to order a sample book? 

MILO Group is one of the leaders among sample book manufacturers. The company has their own graphic studio and a prototype workshop, which allows a successful implementation of individual projects. MILO Group is always ready to respond to the individual needs of each client and can develop sample books in any form, from classic covers, through binders and handy chests, till large presentation boards. On request, the company will also prepare a graphic design and a prototype of the finished product. That way the client can evaluate the sample book before ordering a complex implementation. In order to meet the customers’ expectations, all MILO Group’s products are manufactured on modern machines with the use of high-end reinforced solid cardboard with quality certificates. There are various types of sample books available in the MILO Group’s catalog. The most popular are sample binders, sample suitcases or boxes, and sample fan decks or charts. 

Sample binders

Sample binder are composed of two or more solid cardboard sheets. Each sheet is equipped with a foam panel that protects the samples and helps display them in a comfortable and clear manner. 

Sample suitcase and sample boxes boxes 

Sample suitcases and sample boxes both resemble a chest. They use stabilizers made of technical foam and have a rigid structure with a lid. Samples placed inside of a sample suitcase and sample box are well-protected, yet easily available. 

Sample fan decks and sample charts 

Sample fan decks and sample charts have a rigid spine with internal press studs. The samples are mounted on a bolt made of metal or plastic, which ensures comfortable comparison of multiple colors, shades, and structures at the same time.  

The cost of a sample book

The cost of a sample book may vary depending on the specification of the order. The price assessment is prepared for each order individually.