How to personalize a gift for someone close?

Gifts can effectively enrich the festive atmosphere. They have the ability to bring a smile to the face of the recipient and make them feel special. And what is a better way to make somebody feel extraordinary, than to take time and effort to prepare a personalized gift? 

What occasions are typically accompanied by gifts? 

The custom of handing out presents, which can be traced back to the earliest humans, is a big part of our culture. We usually give them to the people we care about – life partners, friends, parents, and other close family members. Sometimes the presents can also be given to the coworkers, classmates, as well as the teachers. The most notable occasions that are typically accompanied by gifts, consist of Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries. Other special days that call for giving presents are Valentine’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day, as well as weddings, baptisms, baby showers, and graduations. 

What to take into account while buying a gift? 

While buying a gift, it is necessary to take into account such variables as age, gender, and nationality of the recipient. What should also be considered is the type of the relationship shared by the gift giver and the gift receiver. The most important thing that needs to be taken into account, however, is the interests of the recipient. 

The most popular gift ideas 

The most popular gift ideas are: 

  • luxury food products, such as pralines, artisan chocolates, jars with honey or marmalade, as well as high-end coffee and tea, which are universal, useful, yet very elegant,  
  • cosmetics sets with hand creams, body lotions, shower gels, soaps, and beauty masks, which are practical, but still classy, 
  • high-end alcohol, such as good wine, whiskey, bourbon, cognac or artisan beer, which has a very strong presence and is considered stylish, 
  • candles, which are useful, classy, and can be used by anyone both at home and at a workplace,
  • gift cards, which are extremely practical, flexible, and elegant.

Other popular gifts consist of books and jewelry, however they tend to be given less, as they require intimate knowledge of the recipient’s interests and tastes. 

A process of packing a gift

Personalized gifts 

The easiest gifts to personalize are without a doubt jewelry, watches, mugs, and clothes. Jewelry and watches can be personalized with the use of engraving, which allows adding a name, a date, a small design, and a meaningful message or quotation to their surface. Mugs can be adorned with a writing or a design, while clothing can be decorated with a print or embroidery. Regardless of the item, the way it was personalized should match the interests of the gift recipient or represent something meaningful to them. 

How to pack a personalized gift? 

In order to elevate the personalized gift even further, it is advised to place it in an equally special packaging. A great choice would be a box with a magnetic lid, which is extremely elegant and can create a great unboxing experience. If ordered directly from the magnetic box manufacturer, this type of packaging can also be customized to better suit the tone of the occasion and the personality of the gift recipient. Custom magnetic boxes can be covered with various types of veneers, such as canvas, leather or ecological paper, as well as equipped with cardboard or foam inserts which protect and help display the gift. They may also be enriched with personalized messages, which is possible due to the use of hot stamping, embossing, debossing and UV printing.

Why is it worth giving personalized gifts? 

Personalized gifts have much more intimate character. They can refer to the specific interests and plans of the recipient. Preparing personalized gifts is a way to show originality and better express individual emotions. It also allows the gift giver to add a private joke which can be understood only by the selected audience.