How beautiful jewellery boxes highlight its value and uniqueness?

Jewellery is beautiful on its own, but that does not mean its charm cannot be elevated even further. Placing the jewels in eye-catching jewellery gift boxes can add elegance and chic, while also protecting them from the damage.

Why do jewellery brands use beautiful boxes for their products?

Jewellery brands use boxes for their products in order to keep them safe from dust, scratches and other potential damage. The protection offered by a suitable packaging is especially important in case of delicate and valuable pieces. Aside from safety, the jewellery brands care also about the presentation of their products. A beautiful box can enhance the beauty of a jewel. It adds to the overall aesthetics and gives a more sophisticated look. The jewellery placed in such packaging seems more elegant, stylish, and high-end. The use of a beautiful box adds an extra layer of thought and care to the present and can also create a satisfying unboxing experience.

What is important while choosing a jewellery box?

There are a lot of factors that need to be taken under consideration while choosing a jewellery box.

Type of the jewellery

While choosing a jewellery box, it is important to take under consideration the type of jewellery it will contain. Is it a ring, a necklace, a bracelet, or maybe earrings? The type of jewellery will affect the size, material, and inserts of the box.

Type of inserts

Jewellery gift boxes are equipped with shock-absorbing fitted inserts. They prevent the items from moving inside of the packaging, ensuring its safety. While ordering the box from the manufacturer, the brand can choose between cardboard, foam, and flocked inserts.

Type of the box

There are various type of jewellery gift boxes available. It is possible to choose from magnetic boxes, bottom lid boxes neck boxes, and slip boxes. Renowned custom packaging manufacturers make sure all models are not only durable and comfortable to use, but also very stylish.

Jewellery gift boxes


The manufacturers of the jewellery boxes offer different types of decorative veneers. The brand may choose between canvas, ecological paper, and leather.

Colour of the box

An important thing to consider while choosing a jewellery gift box is its colour. It can vary depending on the individual preference of the brand. The most common colours chosen in the industry are black and white. They are suitable for all occasions and can match various logo colours. Other popular colours are grey, which is considered elegant and luxurious and pink, which is often used for the female jewellery.


The jewellery brand may decide to decorate the gift box with tasteful ribbons, graphics, and patterns. To make the packaging stand out in an elegant manner, the brand can decide to implement:

  • hot stamping – a printing technique that uses hot dies to press a metallic print and foil onto the surface of a box,
  • logo embossing – a finishing process that presses images, designs, and texts into paper and other materials, and creates raised silhouettes of an artwork design,
  • UV varnish, which offers a high quality gloss hard finish, has the capability to bring the artwork designs to life and makes the packaging more appealing to the customer,
  • anti-scratch film, which protects the box from the mechanical damages to its surface and gives a stylish feel to the packaging,
  • soft touch film, which gives the box a smooth, velvety appearance, stimulates the sense of touch and makes the jewellery appear even more luxurious.

To appeal to the tastes of modern customers, it is best to keep it simple. The buyers tend to prefer minimalistic designs with fewer decorations.