Week by week home extension planner

Planning a home extension and all the work that has to be done


Each of the organizations at the stage of making decisions on joining the

10 Steps to get the ISO Certification

ISO certification is for many companies the ultimate goal in their business. Being

Basement design inspirations

If you wish your basement would just clean itself up with a snap

Kooptech Cinema

Cleaning and taking care of 3D glasses is one of the most important and fully required ways to make sure that you can really enjoy safe watching 3D movies, both

NEC LP Projector Solves a Colour Challenge

Vivid colours and a wide gamut of them is one of the challenges that comes up for almost all display technologies and techniques present on today’s market. As manufactures are

Dick Whittington Design & Build

The traditional organization of work, where the architect, consultant and contractor work separately turns out to be ineffective and leads to waste. We focus on teamwork and try to look

Evertyhing you might want to know about arc metalization

Arc metallization has become one of the most advanced methods of metal and thermal spraying in existence. Since it provides a thin covering layer of metal that can be put

Why Poland has so many great and experienced programmers

Outsourcing developers and programmers from India or China no longer seems like the best choice. Two countries that have dominated the industry for many years have now been substituted with

ISO audit – 5 important steps in every organization

Most companies decide to get ISO certified without positive thoughts about the process. Yes, it is long and hard and makes you question everything, especially when your Internal Audit doesn’t