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Professional development for teachers in building inclusive educational environments

In today’s educational landscape, the concept of inclusivity holds a central position in discussions surrounding equal access to education for all students. Inclusivity pertains to creating educational environments that are welcoming to all students, regardless of their

Week by week home extension planner

Planning a home extension and all the work that has to be done around it may not be an easy task, especially if you don’t even know where to start. Finding a good constructor will probably help

Why Poland has so many great and experienced programmers

Outsourcing developers and programmers from India or China no longer seems like the best choice. Two countries that have dominated the industry for many years have now been substituted with a much more flexible generation of programmers

ISO audit – 5 important steps in every organization

Most companies decide to get ISO certified without positive thoughts about the process. Yes, it is long and hard and makes you question everything, especially when your Internal Audit doesn’t go well. But it is all worth

Medical recruitment – terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of recruitment must be always listed and presented to the applicant before they sign an agreement with the agency. Here are some of the most common ones that you must be aware of before

Job burnout – how to prevent from it?

There is an alarming trend rising in 2017 with more and more reports about the ‘job burnout’ cases within the medical field. Many countries in Europe are in a great need for specialized staff, and so the

Things You Should Never Do in Relationships

When I have good news to share, I always tell my husband first because I can count on him to be as enthusiastic as I am.