Spinelly from Unique – with your comfort in mind

Imagine an extremely comfortable, fully adjustable and ergonomic office chair that looks great in any office environment. It allows you to sit properly at the desk, make the chair fit your needs perfectly and relieve back pain even if you work 8+ hours a day. Unique designed a chair that meets all the criteria and gets you into creating a fully ergonomic office setup. It’s the Spinelly – one of the most unique looking, modern and stylish office chairs on the market. How does it perform compared to others and why is it the perfect ergonomic chairs for anyone and everyone? 

Unique Spinelly – an extremely ergonomic chair for all your office needs

Finding the perfect ergonomic chair is not an easy feat, but with models such as Spinelly, you are more than likely to get into a great sitting posture at the desk. Ergonomics is the art of properly adjusting your furniture and set it up in a way that supports your body and spine, relieves back pain and leaves room to wiggle without making you worry about sitting improperly. Ergonomic chairs are the first thing you look out for when designing an office space, whether it’s at your company’s HQ or at home. There’s no reason not to go with an ergonomic model when you are more than likely to work at the desk for multiple hours a day. 

The Spinelly model designed by Unique is, well… unique. The structure was inspired by the natural scaffolding of the human body, which is the spine. As you look at the backbone of the chair, you’ll see a ribbed structure that makes the backrest of the chair perfectly adjust to your body and the pressure you put on the chair while leaning back. At the same time, the ribbing is rigid enough to provide good support for your lumbar and back. Combined with the elastomeric back system, the Spinelly is a comfortable chair that works for you, not against you

Technology that sets the Spinelly apart from competition

There are many ergonomic chairs on the market, some with more futuristic features than others. However, choosing the right one shouldn’t be based solely on the look of the chair and it seeming to be the most ergonomic – the technology and solutions should be equally as important, if not more important than anything else. As for the Spinelly model, the manufacturer decided to make the backrest and headrest of breathable mesh to allow for easy airflow and breathability. The seat is comfortable with a fabric or leather covering that looks great in any office setting, but doesn’t cause problems when you’re sitting for multiple hours a day in hot weather. 

spinelly ergonomic chair

The Synchron self-balancing mechanism is another great addition to the Spinelly construction. It automatically adjusts the resistance of the backrest to the user’s weight so that you can easily lean on the backrest and get proper support without risking leaning too much or not being able to lean at all. To bring the adjustability even further, the manufacturer made the armrests go up and down and the lumbar support comfortable for the natural curve of the spine

Easy design, modern look – Spinelly is the office chair for any office room

Whether you’re looking for an ergonomic chair for your home office or setting up workstations in a corporate office space, the Spinelly will fit perfectly and provide enough support for your body to work comfortably at the desk. Its classic and minimalistic look doesn’t make the chair look too big or too futuristic, which is a good thing – for a simple home office, you’d never want a chair that doesn’t look good and immediately draws attention to itself.