Basement design inspirations

If you wish your basement would just clean itself up with a snap of your fingers, it’s probably time to take good care of it. There is no doubt that most people fail to finish up and furnish their basement space as they usually use it for storage for unnecessary things and old memorabilia. What if you made it into a useful, practical and beautiful room instead? Don’t waste the space – get inspired and design your basement.

Styles you can go for

Basement is nothing different to any other room you would design at your house. Thinking about inspirations you could go for and styles you could choose, think what would look good with the rest of your house. If everything you go for is modern and minimalistic, Scandinavian, or retro and periodic (just to go on the opposite side of the scale), stick to that with your basement as well. You may want to go totally different and see how it feels, but in the long run, you would feel like it’s not a part of your house at all. Stick to the aesthetics that suit you best and remember – a basement, although not seen at all times, is still an integral part of your house and as such, it deserves an equal treatment.

Where to look for inspirations

This should go without saying, but if you struggle to find inspiration for your basement, go on Google and have fun. There are so many websites and professional designers out there that share their top tips and tricks on how to style your basement! Magazines are also a good source as they are often catered to the professionals in the industry – if they can use a paper and get inspired, so can you.

Hiring a professional or going DIY

Although you could (and some people do) go DIY and just style their basements by themselves, often it is worth it to use professional help, especially if you struggle to find your inspiration and you’re never entirely sure if the style you’re going for is really what you like. Companies like Dick Whittington Design and Build specialise in styling and redoing basements, which means they have the best background and can provide you with solid insights on how to make the best out of your free basement space. Their website could be your inspiration in its own way! Check out portfolios of many companies and professional designers before you decide which way you want to go.