Modern living room lighting

Modern houses are such a hype right now. Classic, stylish, simplistic, functional – you can’t go wrong with grey and white combo with some glass, wood, brick and metal elements. Going contemporary also means that it’s easy to connect all the rooms of your house together, making it one of the most coherent designs of all time. Although it’s easy to imagine metal and glass combos in the kitchen and bathroom areas, what’s the best way to go modern on your living room and still make it cosy and ambient?  It’s all about the light. Here at sublimelighting, we’ve got you covered.

Modern art

Contemporary houses are all about the art. Filling your living room with some high value paintings and sculptures is a good way to go, but your lighting can be a piece of art in itself! Choose between different shapes and sizes that we have on offer and make your space one of a kind.

Geometric figures of our Costa and Mercurio hanging lights are made to make an impression on your guests.

Glow and glamour

Wish your living room looked like a ballroom or a royal Palace? Go for glamour crystals and mirrored lamp shades! All chandeliers are allowed here – no out of date, taste-lacking grandma hanging lights, but true crystal and glass lamps that will fill the room with light and reflections.

It’s a great idea for spacious rooms – reflections will make it look bigger, which will prevent the chandeliers from overcrowding the space.

Industrial twist

Brick walls, fireplaces and lights that look like they’ve been taken out of an industrial space. Colourful Blocco collection will give your room the character you aimed for. LED lamps are bright and give you all the light you need, not making your living room feel like a sterile operation ward. If the space you have is not big, this style would be perfect for you. Industrial lights can be put into your wall and with all the bricks and wood you’re going to fill your room with, the lights won’t be another overpowering element.

Modern designs are all about balance and making the room as clean and neat as possible without making it feel like a museum or a hospital. Think about the design of your whole house and the living room itself and choose the design that will complement it’s best features.