Everything you need to know before buying a second-hand apartment

Buying a second-hand apartment might be a really challenging task. The potential budget savings can be easily transferred into big unplanned investments. Is there any way to prevent it and buy a house that will not cause any unpleasant surprises?

Do the research

There is nothing worse than committing to big endeavor without any preparation. We strongly recommend reading and applying these few following tips:

  1. Look for the occasion… – the legendary occasions really exist. You just have to dig in a little bit deeper. Try unconventional sources. Just because someone is not using the most popular web site, doesn’t necessarily mean, that it is not worth it looking for. Just be flexible and think outside of the box. If you find a place you really like but the price doesn’t satisfy you, try to make the occasion by yourself by bargaining over the price.
  2. Beware of the occasions… – a little bit contradictory, huh? We’re not saying that every good deal is suspicious, but we strongly recommend to stay cautious. There is always a chance for some damages in the old building however, there are some factors that can be easily repaired and they do not necessarily exclude a great bid. For example, draining issues can be fixed at a low price by a good specialist (such as http://drainteam-london.co.uk). If you think it through, such an apartment might be still relatively cheap. It all comes to calculations, but to do them right you need to know exactly what is wrong with the whole place. Ask, investigate and make sure, there is nothing left overlooked.
  3. Be patient… – if there seems to good deal on the current market, perhaps there is not… But it doesn’t mean you have to buy the first one you go over. Just give yourself a little bit more time. Sometimes it takes more than a year to find a right place, but it is definitely worth the effort.  


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