Why Poland has so many great and experienced programmers

Outsourcing developers and programmers from India or China no longer seems like the best choice. Two countries that have dominated the industry for many years have now been substituted with a much more flexible generation of programmers and developers.

And their country of origin is not as exotic and distant (as far as the time zone goes) as one would think. According to the A.T. Kearney’s Global Services Location Index from 2016, a hot place for outsourcing IT specialists is… Poland! Why does it have so many great and experienced programmers and how do they surpass the standard that has been set by China and India?

Excellent experience

Poland may be considered by specialists as a young and developing market for developers and programmers. There may be some truth to that, as Poland opened to all the wonders of the tech world quite recently. However, it doesn’t mean that Poland is far back behind all the highly developed countries. On the contrary, Polish software houses give their programmers a chance to work with some of the best IT companies in the world. This is how Poles get their experience.

But they needed to get into those software houses first. How did they do that? Polish universities and the whole IT education system has put polish programmers in the 5th place in the Top Coder ranking. Polish tech universities graduate over 15,000 new specialists every year. Moreover, Polish developers always rank high in international coding competitions. Their achievements speak for themselves.


Great education

Staying on the topic of education, many young, aspiring programmers from all over the world decide to study IT in Poland. Why? Universities here provide a strong educational background that is focused on both math and programming. What’s more, the teaching methods are actually quite old fashioned and the subjects are taught in depth. Many students try and fail on their way to graduation, but it only means that ones that do succeed are really top quality specialists.

Another great educational aspect of polish developers is their level of English language. It is taught thoroughly from primary school and by the time young developers enter university, they are familiar with all the technical terms they need to know. They understand the code and don’t need to learn the formulas by heart – it’s all logic-based. And since Poles do programming out of passion, they are willing to enter various competitions. The urge to win makes them even better and enables learning from the world’s best. Could you ask for a better programmer?