What software can I use for a CNC router?

What is a CNC router?

A CNC router is a computer controlled machine created for milling, drilling, and cutting materials. As the name suggests, it uses computer numerical control, which means the processes are controlled by a software and electronic devices rather than a direct human operator. CNC routers changed the way many products are being created, greatly increasing the efficiency of production.

The functions of a CNC router

The main functions of a CNC router are to cut, engrave, and carve objects out of a work piece. This type of router can work with many different materials, such as wood, aluminum, plastic, and high-density foam. Depending on their build volume and configuration, CNC routers can have one or more axis to be able to swap tools and perform different tasks. Due to being fully computer controlled, they are able to create nearly identical object each and every time, and offer a significant reduction of errors in the production process.

How to choose a compatible software for a CNC router?

There are two basic types of CNC control software available – software built into the machine, and PC-based software which allows to use PC as a machine controller. To pick a compatible software, first the user needs to establish which type of programming they need. Once they make a choice, they need to decide what will be the main purpose of a CNC router. Upon answering all these questions, the user can get acquainted with the CNC software manufacturers’ offer and choose the option most suitable for their needs.
CNC software

Available software for a CNC router

The best software for a CNC router is available in the CS-Lab online shop, where the user can find the software providing the highest quality of movement and good value for the price.

SimCNC control software for CNC by CS-Lab

SimCNC control software for CNC by CS-Lab uses S-curve profile and a sophisticated algorithms for motion trajectory optimization. It provides high velocity, dynamics, and precision of motion. The SimCNC control software ensures smoothness and steadiness of the treatment process. It can also greatly extend the life of tools and of a machine’s mechanics.

Mach3 License CNC control software by ArtSoft Newfangled Solutions

Mach3 CNC control software is currently the most popular software used in CNC machines. It is very intuitive, customizable, and compatible with a vast variety of hardware. Mach3 CNC control software is particularly rich in both default and additional features:

  • spindle speed control,
  • multiple relay control,
  • manual pulse generation,
  • touch screen ability,
  • and full screen eligibility among others.

The software provides great value to commercial, as well as non-commercial users.

Mach4Hobby CNC control software by ArtSoft Newfangled Solutions

Mach4 CNC is the newest version of CNC motion control software developed by ArtSoft Newfangled Solutions. It is expandable, flexible, and responsive even with the most extensive files. The software offers high quality and speed. Moreover, Mach4 CNC control software possesses the ability to use or learn industrial style controls and methods. Due to its modularity, it allows for much quicker expansion of features and further development.

CNC software

CAM software SheetCAM TNG

SheetCAM TNG software is perfect for the users who search for a trajectory generator, for instance a G-code generator for a cut shape. It is suitable for:

  • milling,
  • routing,
  • waterjet,
  • laser,
  • oxy-fuel,
  • plasma cutting.

Due to the lack of cutting parameters in the G-codes generated by the software, they are portable from one machine to another. The software breaks down the process of generating the G-codes to just a few steps, which are very easy to follow and remember. This feature makes the  SheetCAM TNG software simple and user-friendly, perfect even for the inexperienced operators.