Sublime Lightning

Are you planning a redecoration of your home? Or perhaps you are searching for daily savings of energy? Try innovative LED technology lightning from Sublime Lightning and find out for yourself how much big of a difference does it make!
We have more than 25 years of an experience in the business and we are still looking for new ways of improvement. LED technology uses around 10% energy in comparison to traditional bulbs. Not only it will help you save some money but it has an enormous effect on the environment too! Furthermore, suitable light choice might bring some new quality to your living space. Adjusting colors, intensity and angles is a great way to redecorate your living room, kitchen or bedroom with no comprehensive interference. We will be more than happy to help you choose right lightning and reply to all your questions – feel free to contact us!

Make a phone call: 0203 818 5888

Write down their address: PO Box 693, Farnham, Surrey, UK