Scandinavian reindeer moss – everything you need to know

Some want to get rid of it, others pay to “grow” on their wall. The inconspicuous moss caused quite a stir. Is it worth liking him and inviting him to your own home?

Moss wall – what exactly is it?

A wall covered with moss is an increasingly common sight. Contrary to what you might think, its execution is very easy. To achieve the effect of a green carpet, it is enough to glue ready-made panels with decorative moss to the wall.

How are moss panels made? The moss is harvested by hand and then subjected to special treatment. Thanks to this, it retains its colour and structure, in other words: it looks alive. The prepared moss is glued to MDF or PVC, and in this form, it goes to our bedrooms and living rooms.

Moss is a lichen naturally occurring in the regions of mountains and forests in the north and in the tundra-polar regions. These difficult conditions make it practically maintenance-free, and the unique structure and various colours allow it to be freely formed or used for various types of decorations. Reindeer moss has become a real hit and it is no wonder that both Scandinavian trend lovers and traditionalists love it.

How to maintain Scandinavian reindeer moss?

We have great news for the always busy and forgetful. The moss wall does not need any maintenance! It allows you to forget about trimming, watering and other cumbersome procedures. The only thing we need to take care of is adequate air humidity – approx. 40-60%. Under normal room conditions, the humidity remains at this level.

We already know what you don’t need to do, so it’s time to mention what you can’t do. First of all, let’s not spray moss with water under any circumstances! This is a simple way to damage the green wall – the moss will simply fall off it. Secondly, avoid placing green walls near a fireplace, stove and in highly sunny places. Moss does not like high temperatures. Feels much better in moderate conditions. Third, let’s be gentle. Remember that decorative reindeer moss does not grow back, so nibbling, scratching and the like can only harm the green wall.

Moss on the wall – what are the advantages?

The advantages of a green wall are numerous. First of all, it has a positive effect on the health and well-being of the household members. The sight of the green wall has a calming effect and simply makes you feel better. Because can you be unhappy when you have your own piece of a forest at home?

Scandinavian moss on the wall is a completely safe and friendly product, also for allergy sufferers. It does not attract dust or various types of pollution. It is free of harmful substances and chemicals. This fact will be appreciated in particular by parents of young children, as well as owners of unruly dogs and cats.

The green moss walls have excellent acoustic properties. They help to silence the room, which is a great advantage, especially for people living in the apartment block.

What can I say – the moss on the wall looks just fabulous! It brings joy and energy to sterile interiors. It gets along with any style and material. Fits in the kitchen, bathroom, living room and corridor. In addition, it provides multi-sensory pleasure – it is pleasant to the touch and delicately smells of the forest.