Job burnout – how to prevent from it?

There is an alarming trend rising in 2017 with more and more reports about the ‘job burnout’ cases within the medical field. Many countries in Europe are in a great need for specialized staff, and so the work in the hospitals might be even more exhausting than usual. There are well-known instances with doctors who had to work 16 hours/day for 6 days in a row! Not only it is far from optimal resolution for patients, but it also resolves in a job burnout and can lead even to depression or some health-disorders. How can we counter-act this phenomenon?

Working abroad

First thing that might come to your mind might be changing your job environment. As much as it might seem abstract for you, it is nowadays not only possible but with some precaution it could become quite a good solution. How to approach this dilemma in a right way and make a decision with no regrets?

preventing from job burnout

Firstly – you need to ask yourself if this is really what you want. There is a huge difference between a true need for a change and a temporary tiredness. If you however are frequently thinking about changing your place of employment it would be advisable to think all your option through. The main thing is deciding whether you are willing to travel to another city of perhaps even a country. If changing your land is what you have in mind, it is very common to use some help from professional agencies, such as Their mission is to provide you a complex service to help you get through the whole process. It means not only assisting you with the signing of a new contract, but also taking care of all other formalities (such as permission to stay and work, language courses etc.)

One thing to remember is that committing to travel abroad for work doesn’t necessarily mean a change-for-a-life-time. It is good to think about it as a great adventure and opportunity for a self-development.