Best 10 tips you can get!

1. Hang a small hook near the kitchen sink to hold rings, watches or other jewelry while you wash dishes, clean or cook.

2. Store extra buttons that come with blouses and suits in a basket, making it simple to replace a lost button without a big search.

3. When you open a bottle of cooking oil, cut a small slit in the seal instead of pulling it off all at once. The oil will pour out slowly, cutting down on messy spills and drips.

4. Stop loose clothing from slipping off hangers by winding a rubber band around each end of the hanger.

5. Wet a fingertip and press it on the wall to mark where you want to hang a picture. It will dry without leaving a trace.

6. Move furniture without scratching the floor by slipping a towel under each leg.

7. Get rid of white rings on wood furniture by gently rubbing the spot with a dab of wood oil or mayonnaise. Wipe off the residue.

8. To prevent cake from sticking to the pan, put the pan on a damp cloth for a few minutes after removing from the oven.

9. If rubber gloves won’t come off easily, hold your hands under cold tap water. They should slide right off.

10. Keep a phone book in the trunk of your car. It comes in handy if you have to look up an address while you’re out.

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